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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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you know, i really appreciate you guys watching this tonight, up against that debate. thank you very much. i'm bill o'riley. we'll see you a bit later on. >> developing tonight, new details in a case that rocked the country. as a young women finds a new life with a face-to-face killer on a rampage. welcome, everybody. i'm megan kelly. this friday, a new motion picture taking us through one of the most dramatic man hunts of the last decade. the suspect? brian nichols. he was on trial for rape when he overpowered and brutally beat a sheriff's deputy, managing to
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steal her gun in the process. nichols would kill two more people why in that courthouse. and two more on the run. then he crossed pathds with ashly smith. tonight, ashly sits down with the kelly file to describe exactly what unfolded in her apartment that night. how the choices she made may have saved her life and why she thinks nichols chose to end the man hunt the way he did. we will also hear from heraldo rivera. but first, trace gal ager takes us back to that dramatic day.
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nichols feared that he'd one of the post notorious attacks in georgia history. because brian nichols was deemed to be a high-risk inmate, a judge escorted him from prison to his court appearance in atlanta. that request was nooirt ignore or denied. while he was changing from courtroom gash, brooip nichols beat the deputy knocking her unconscious. nichols then stormed the courtroom, shooting and killing the very judge who requested he be given extra security. a court reporter was also shot and killed.
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and when another deputy gave chase, nichols shot and killed him. with the courthouse on lockdown, brian nichols somehow managed to make his way through two parking garages. along the way, nichols carjacked several vehicles, including a truck that belonged to a federal agent who he also shot and killed. >> with the city of atlanta and the entire state of georgia on high alert at 2:00 in the morning, a 26-year-old single mom pulled up to her apartment complex in the alan that suburb of duluth. as she unwelcomed her front door, he tied her up with tape and electrical cord.
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she recalls thinking she'd either be raped, killed or both. while she was tied up, she remembers telling him she had methamphetamine in the bedroom. smith says the two then talked all night long. >> i kind of thought if i treat him like a human being, maybe he'll let me go. >> the man hunt was now nationwide. the media coverage, non-stop. the f.b.i. had taken the lead, but there were very few leads to follow.
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15 miles from that courthouse, ashly smith and the most wanted man in the country recalled that conversation. pastor rick warrens is a purpose-driven life. including the line, what you are is god's gift to you. what you do with yourself is your gift to god. >> after i read it, he said stop. will you read it again? i said yeah, i'll read it again.
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>> she was in the apartment at in nine. underneath the bed. she's advising he's wanting to turn himself in. >> we did expect the fight. and we did expect either that or suicide. none of those things o can you recalled. we never counted on ashly smith. >> it's natural in any story.
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but my world was really very small in the great scheme of things. the real heel reels are the judicial and law enforcement individuals who dwaif their lives to bring this to an end. >> brian nichols is now serving multiple life sentences without parole. he has called ash shrill smith an angel from god. >> incredible. thank you. as trais just mentioned, ashly smith's apartment was only 15 miles from that court house. none of those things happened. what unfolded, instead, has since been described by some as a miracle. here now, ashly smith.
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you saw news reports, what did you think? >> to be quite honest with you, i wasn't paying a whole lot of attention. >> what had happened in that courtroom that morning when he had killed the sheriff's deputy.
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>> when i came back, i noeted he was still sitting in the truck. i thought twice about it. everyone would think twice about it. e rote get out of the car and go inside. so i unlocked the door. >> i immediately started to scream and he came at me very quickly and said shut up.
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if you be quiet, i won't hurlt you. >> he took me to the bathroom. he started walking around the house. >> what were you thinking at that moment? >> he asked he. i said am i supposed to know who you are. have you been watching the news, the man that's caped, abds then it dawnedble me. and the brief snuz chlts you know, thinking to myself. the news said he's killed three
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people. i'm going to be next chlts i didn't think there was any hope for me at all. >> you know, he told me if i did whatever, he asked me to do, that he wouldn't hurt med. >> dead you have an instinct that there was the tubt to form a bond with him. >> when we come back, ashly will not only answer that question, but she will share the amazing story of what happened when she actually got ahold of brian any 8:00's guns. first, as the drama up loaded that day. just feet from ashly smith's apartment. and when we come barks,
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i'm page hopkins. police have surrounded an apartment complex just north of atlanta. let's go to geraldo rivera. >> hi, page. i'm in gyenette county and a hogs tang situation is happening.
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>>. >> they got the s.o.b., brian. all right. there he goes. there he goes. all right. >> they got the s.o.b. that's what you heard. our own geraldo rivera saying back in 2005, describing the action in the capture of brian n nichols. in fact, geraldo got to the scene so quickly, he was reporting live on fox newshe of still rolling up. you will ho did you find yourself in the very heart of the story. >> i was interviewing the attorney in his office.
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we heard on the radio that there was this hostage situation developing. >> atlanta was locked down. everybody was obsessing over where this man meegt strike next. i was attracted to the case. where was this guy going with this murder script. so i'm interviewing the lawyer and we hear from the secretary, the lawyer, this news report that they have this unrelated hos tang situation developing in
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the suburban county. now, the decision i had to make is is that brian nichols or an unrelated crime. >> tlfts an old sergeant and he said yeah, it's nichols. i got nichols. well, on the strekt of that, it all came to play. i had no idea about ashley's situation, of course.
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>> and you're standing there for a time that the police had apprehended him? >> i knew nothing of the fact that wampbted to surrender. we thought it was a very packed housing development in the suburbs. >> the jury, for some reason that i still don't understand, hung.
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when we saw you speaking to the attorney, he was genuinely glad to hear it. obviously, he knew it was openly known what his client had done in open court. the story was unfolding realtime. it was very tense and you could see,you know, the law enforcement reacts in a rapid fashion. >> the fds, they have to get the word that it is, indeed, a potential kidnapping federal offense.
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so we fwot there and watching the big suburbans. >> that's what's so incredible about ashly's. >> the man had nothing to lose. he had killed cops, law enforcement officers. who else would be next? tkt have save the liegs of how many cops? geraldo, great to sell you. incredible. >> i'm thinking this is unbelievable. and, of course, now major motion picture. and that's why. ash shrill smith tellings the rest of her story when we
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>> okay, stop. if i treat him like a human being and not somebody that just killed somebody, maybe he'll let me go. >> i felt like my little girl didn't have a daddy anymore. >> that was ashly smith and the days after her hostage ordeal sharing her emotional description after what happened with brian nichols. stunningly, even after she faced her own possible murder that night, ashly had a chance to dwrab the g grab the gun that nichols was carrying and shoot the man that was holding her hostage. and she didn't. >> this tape tushed out to be your savior. and you start talking to him. did you have an instijt that there was an opportunity to form a bond with him. >> i don't know. i've always been the type of
6:28 pm
person that tries to put myself in other people's shoes, what would i do in that sipuation. so i think i started to do that with him. thinking if i were him, what would i want? and, so, for me, my child was important to me. and that's one of the first questions that i asked him. was, you know, did you have children? i asked him why he did what he did. another first question that i asked him. and just tried to spark conversation with him. >> and he had just had a baby a few days earlier. so he was a new father. you were a mother, as well, and are. and one of the things that we didn't know about you when this story first broke, like this incredible won, shed managed to get out of this ordeal. and then you revealed that you, yourself, were suffering. you were adikted to crystal meth. and you had lost custody of your daughter for a time to your aunt. your daughter's father was killed in connection with his
6:29 pm
own drug dealing. and you didn't see a clear path out of the hell in which you were living even before brian nichols came to your door. so, at one point in that evening, while he's got your captive in your own home, the topic turned to drugs. did you offer him drugs? or did he ask you for them? >> he actually asked me if i had any drugs in my apartment that night. i think he actually asked me for marijuana. i was in the middle of a crystal meth addiction. i had done meth the night before all of this happened. i had some leftover. i put it in a place that would be very obvious to him. so when he said do you have any drugs, i told him yeah. i didn't want him to find them and realize that i had lied to him. >> did he have you walk over to the drugs? >> he said set it up for me.
6:30 pm
he said he had never done meth before. >> so he did the drugs. and you described a moment of him doing them other and over. what was that like for you understanding that this killer was doing crystal meth in your apartment. >> well, for me, i thought this is crazy. first of all, i don't really know why i just offered this to him. it is a drug that makes me very paranoid. it did some really crazy things to me. it made me do some really off-the-wall, outrageous things, as meth is known to do. so watching him do it was very scary for me. but, also, he asked me three different times, do you want to use this with me? why don't you do this with me. and i really believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that jesus christ took the body of brian nichols. god was asking me if i wanted to do drugs with him. and if i did, then it was going
6:31 pm
to be the last time i ever did it and it was going to be the last day of my life. i really believe god was saying do you want to continue living this life or do you want a new one. if you say no, i'll give you a new life. a new life, etch for five min ts, that sounded more appealing to me than the way i had been living. >> you see that in retrospekt. were you conscious of that? did you feel that presence? or did you just feel a strong instinct, probably for the nirs time to say no. >> no, i felt the presence of god telling me. you know what,this is it. you can choose the old life or if new life. and i will give it to you. like i said, i didn't know if i was going to make it out of there alive. five minutes of a new life or 50 years. but as soon as i chose not to do those drugs, it was just a sense of freedom for me, you know. physically, i was still being held captive. but i realize that ashly smith
6:32 pm
wasn't in control. and neither was brian nichols. jesus was in control chd and the rest of the night was going to be the way he wanted it to be. >> including that one, there's some stunning momentings when the night went on, including a couple opportunities to ablg which youly escape. there was a time he let you go to the bathroom and what was in the bathroom? >> the guns. >> and instead, you return them when he banged on the door and said give them back. was that a conscious effort to build trust? or was it just a fear of -- >> well, for me, it was just a fear because i had never really used a guchb before. i thought to myself, if i pick up these guns and try toe use them, i'll probably wind up doing some damage to me. >> there was another opportunity where he convinced you to help him hide the get aid way car.
6:33 pm
he had stolen a car and killed it. i think that was the law enforcemented officer's car. he got you out of the apartment to help you hide it. what was it? was it fear or some knowledge that i'm going to get out of this. >> the story of how this hostage-taking finally ended is really amazing. but the story of what had happened since with ashly smith is just as powerful. you will hear both and we'll speak with tony perkins when we return with the last part of ashly's story. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, s
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walk out of this apartment and pay for what you did than it is to go out of this apartment with guns and lose your life over. so the choice is yours. >> imagine for a moment that someone is holding you hostage. you know they have killed four people. they really have nothing to live for. and, after spending seven hours wond e wondering if that person was going to end your life, they suddenly set you free. ashly smith talks about what that feels like in the final part of her story. >> why didn't you run in those moments? what was it? did you -- just -- were you worthy by fear or was it some knowledge that i'm going to get out of this. >> i think looking back on it, when i read the book or watch the movie, i find myself, go, girl, you've got to get out of there. you've got a chance. i think several things went through my mind at that point in time. number one, my car was no -- it
6:39 pm
wasn't a really good cash. and i think i feared if i tried to get away, tlgd immediately break doup. >> it was too risky. >> also, i really believe that god -- once i decided not to do the drugs, god took control. for me, i kept saying eventually, he will let me go. if i let him get in the car and go back to my apartment, then he's not guiltnot going to have away car. he'll be at my house all by himself and he'll be sur rouned. >> we saw the clip of kate mara playing you. around it looked like it was a rehab attempt. she throws the book, you throw the book in the garbage. did that really happen? >> no, that never happened. >> had it been introduced to you? >> yes, it was introduced to me at a church. it was actually the very first time i had been to church in many years. >> the first time someone swro
6:40 pm
deuced the book, "a purpose-driven life to you." >> it actually did have a effect. for me, i needed an answer to that question. as a matter of fact, as i sats in churj that day, i began to thank god. i don't even nope why i'm here. i shouldn't be here. i'm not worthy of being here. i want my life to change, but i don't know how of. i'm in this place to where i just get up and do druggings. it's not because i want to, it's just a way of life. that's what i do to survive and i want to change. right about that time, the pastor said the church is going to be reading this book. if you want one, they're so and so many and if you don't have the money, just get one anyway. so i picked it up and started to read it. >> what made you pull it out and start reading it to brian nichols that night?
6:41 pm
>> i happened to be reading it. i was own the 32nd chapter. i had been reading it for 32 days. after i chose not to do the drugs, i felgt a huge need to back up my decision with scripture or something that involved god. i asked brian nichols can i read it. and he said yeah, you can read if you can read it out loud. >> the passage was from the chapter 3, using what god gave you. and it reads in part, using what god gave you. what you are is god's gift to you. what you do with yourgs is your gift to god. god dereceivables your best. he shaped you for a purpose and expecteds you to make the most of what you have been given. that resonated with hem. >> it did. yes. >> he asked you follow up questions. tell us. >> well, we had been talking before that about, you know, each other.
6:42 pm
i had already told him my first husband was killed and things like that. so he said, you know, maybe you need to minister to people. maybe you need to share your life with them to help other people. he also asked me what i thought he should do? should he turn himself in and what should he do? and i told him, he had to turn himself in and maybe his purpose in life was to minister to people in prison. >> do you know whether he's now doing that? >> i don't. >> you haven't had 234i con takts with him? >> i haven't had any contact with him. if i were to have contact with him, that would be the biggest question i would ask him. is he using his second chance. >> so now we're getting ahead of ourselves. you read him the passage, the night goes on. you winds up making him pancakes in the morning. how did you get out?
6:43 pm
he just let me go. i had been asking him the entire night. i said listen, if i don't show up to this meeting, then people are going to wonder. my family is going to say this is strange. she's never missed a meeting with page and they're going to come looking for me. there were many times when i asked and as the nigwent on, i started to ask him. and, about 89:00 that morning, he said what time do you need to leave to see page? ovk, i was like now is a really good time. >> and he just let me leave. >> describe the feeling when you closed that koor behind you. >> when i closed the door behind me, it was still too good to be
6:44 pm
true. >> were you there when the law enforcement officers arrived? >> actually, well, they told me to go back and go to a sief place. they sent some officers to meet me there. >> describe -- i'm trying to get to the point of before and after. the ashly smith who he was there before that encounter, is she still with us? >> i'm not fighting that
6:45 pm
anymore. the person that was there that night was still a human being. you know, that night, i laid down my brokenness to god and i gave it to him. that's what charnged. >> did you ever do drugs again? >> no. >> and tell us what happened with page and your family life? >> page and i lived with my aunt and uncle for about a year. i waranted to be very solid before i took the world on my own. i got remarried to my husband in 2007. i've been married for eight years. page is now 16. we have a 14-year-old stepdaughter and we have a four-year-old son together. you know, id have gone around the world sharing my story to different churches, women's
6:46 pm
events, you know, just doing life. i love more than anything being a mom and i'm so 0 to have the opportunity to be mom again today. >> foum of you think the story is about the book? what do you think this story is about. >> i think the story is a story of reception son. no everybody can say my life is affected by druggings. and i think this story is about laying down your broken nks and giving it to god. getting back on the path that he has planned for us. and i hope people, when they go see the movie, i hope they walk away and say you know what, if god did it for her, he'll do it for me, too. >> best of luck to you and your family. thank you so much for being here. >> well, the folks promoeting the movie version of ashly
6:47 pm
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in the moment were you conscious of that, that presence? did you feel that presence or did you just feel a strong instinct probably for first time to say no? >> no, i felt the presence of god telling me, you know what? this is it. you can choose the old life or you can choose the new life. and i will give it to you. like i said, i didn't know if i was going to make it out of there alive. i didn't know if it would be five minutes of a new life or 50 years of a new life. but as soon as i chose not to do those drugs, it was just a sense of freedom for me. physically i was still being held captive, but i realized that ashley smith wasn't in control and neither was brian nichols, but that jesus was in control. and the rest of the night was going to be the way he wanted it to be. >> ashley says the story of her kidnapping and what happened in that apartment is a story of
6:52 pm
redemption. a woman and a man both struggling with personal demons are thrown together by fate in a moment of enormous potential violence, and each emerges somehow better for the experience. joining me noun tony perkins, president of the family research council. he's an ordained minister and he's author of the new book "no fear. real stories of a courageous generation standing for truth." tony, good to see you. >> good to see you, megyn. >> the story has to move even nonbelievers a little to stop and consider what the power of faith and god can do in your life. >> it's a powerful story. and as a reporter, you know, as a law enforcement officer, i've not seen many cases end like this. it really is the power of redemption as she, you know, simply read from "the purpose-driven life" and that message of forgiveness and redemption which all of us are really down deep, whether we admit it or not, are searching
6:53 pm
for that peace that comes through for giveness, that comes from jesus christ. she tells that story, two lives both on wrong paths but they come out of their forgiven. they have to pay for the choices they've made but forgiven. >> she paid for her drug addiction and losing custody of her daughter for a time. and obviously that was the beginning of a new life for her. were you surprised that hollywood chose to make a movie like this? >> somewhat, but not completely because this is -- this is really an inspiring story. it's a tragic story. four people lost their lives in this. but it does show the power of forgiveness and transformation. this thing ended the way it did. and you can't argue with the evidence. some people would say that religion stuff, i'm not all for it. just like nichols said, i don't want that church bs. the reality is that is there. this ended in a peaceful situation where he surrendered himself. he had no reason to do tha taki.
6:54 pm
he could have killed her and other people and himself on the way out. because of that message, that's the power of the gospel of jesus christ. it transforms lives and makes prisoners free. >> it is any sort of a testament to -- i mean, people can argue about god in the public square, but at least keeping the porch light on for god in the public square. we're sort of removing god from every corner of life right now. you see the power of faith and belief in him that can change lives in this story. >> that is why we must keep that light going because you see it. the evidence is overwhelming. look at my home state of louisiana. angola prison where the most dangerous -- one of the most dangerous in the united states transformed by faith where they're having a revival in that prison. it's the power of the gospel. it transforms even the lives of prisoners. >> and the story of forgiveness. the ability of this woman taken hostage in her own home, bound
6:55 pm
up, left in her bathroom. she didn't know what was going to happen to her. and knowing he had killed four others, she in the moment finding the power to forgive. >> not only to forgive, but the peace that -- think about that as a young woman, being in a situation with guy you know has just killed four people. you know he was a rapist. she had the peace, as she just told you that because of god speak ing to her, that shy coul make a choice and she made that choice and god walked through that event with her. >> it's amazing. and it is an inspiration to just do better and be better. tony, it's great to see you. >> and take that and receive that forgiveness. it's powerful. >> thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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on twitter @megyn kelly. we'll be back live at midnight with fair and balanced coverage of the gop debate. frank lutz and his focus group with ben carson, marc thiessen, ann coulter. it goes on. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." welcome to "hannity." tonight 2016 gop rivals squared off in the second republican primary debate at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. joining us live from the spin room is campaign carl cameron. a lot of fireworks. looks like they wanted to pit one against the other, carl and somewhat successfully. >> a good deal of this has about statements the candidates have made and having them relitigate it. donald trump has gotten far and away the most attention. he's been slamming his poents and some have been slamming him back.


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